Updated as of May, 2021

Thank you for your purchases and we value you, our esteemed Client!

If you are experiencing an issue with a digital product or products you have purchased from us with proof, note below the steps which would be taken,

(1) Replace the digital product such as license keys, account subscription details, etc… In order to do that we will have to clearly identify that the lapses are from our end and if the below errors are clearly identified from the customer’s end, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to replace the digital product/s;
(I) If the customer has placed a wrong order and the credentials such as product keys have been sent via e-mail and received by the customer.
(II) If the customer has failed to download the particular Software with the exact Version and enter the License Key within 24 Hours of receiving the Key via e-mail, due to internet issues, lack of technical knowledge, Software not supported due to other Software running on the customer’s PC on due to Hardware incompatibility. Note that most of the issues could be resolved by being in touch with our customer support.

(2) If KEYOOZ failed to deliver the digital product, an automatic refund will be issued at the customer’s convenience as early as possible.

Message on WhatsApp or Messenger on the homepage for immediate Techsupport. Techsupport e-mail :

WhatsApp Tech Support: +94 773393388

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