How to Activate Windows 10

Online Activation

  • First, type the CHECK FOR UPDATES on the windows search bar and go to update settings and make sure the Windows is up to date.
  • Then type ACTIVATION SETTINGS on the windows search bar and go to the  Activation settings window and click the CHANGE PRODUCT KEY option.
  • Then enter the product key and continue. then Windows will be activated.
If the Online activation process did not activate the Windows, please follow the MOBILE ACTIVATION PROCESS 

Mobile Activation

If you get an error when attempting to activate your Windows 10 license Online, there is a way to activate your license using the telephone system instead.

It is important to first attempt Online activation. Firstly, Internet activation works most of the time, so it’s always worth a try. Secondly, attempting Online activation stores the product key in Windows which you are trying to activate.  In our tests, telephone activation won’t work properly unless the product key is in there. So always try the Internet first.


  • Press the Win+R keys to open Run, then type:  SLUI 4.EXE, then click on OK.
    Note that there is a space between SLUI and 4
  • Select your country or region, then click Next.
  • Then there will appear an Installation ID
  • Send us a photo of that installation ID
  • Wait, few mins until we send the Confirmation ID
  • Once you have entered the Confirmation ID, you can click Activate Windows and if the numbers have been typed correctly, windows will be activated.

If the Mobile activation process did not activate the Windows, please send us your TeamViewer ID, we will do it for you. 


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